An Integrated Risk Management
Solution & Advisory Firm


In today’s globalized world, the intersection between business and politics is more important than ever. Governments, corporations, and civil society organizations engage with each other like never before, producing both sustainable arrangements and recurrent crises. The most successful leaders in the private and public sectors are those who understand this reality, and are equipped with the knowledge and resources to manage and avoid political, legal, financial, and regulatory risks before crises occur.

Based in Washington DC, Amsterdam & Partners Advisory deploys hyperlocal data, relationship networks, and expertise to gain insight into global emerging markets to assess risks and proactively take action for our clients. We focus on prevention by measuring and prioritizing identified risks to ensure that our clients are resilient in the face of external shocks, and can prevent risks from affecting reputations or business operations.

We combine our decades of international experience and reach with big data analytics to provide unique risk management solutions for our high- net-worth and high–profile clients.


Our services are provided through customized subscription models. Clients can select from the following prevention and solution-based services:

  • A team of dedicated experts who monitor and evaluate risks to you or your organization and take action on your behalf. We provide daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. These reports include the overall alert-level, incidents monitored, actions triggered, and client recommendations.
  • Timely access to a rapid reaction team to respond in case of an emergency. Thanks to the real-time briefing by your dedicated monitoring team, the rapid reaction team will determine the right actions right away.
  • Expert-level roundtable discussions and relationship building activities with relevant business and government stakeholders.
  • Strategic communications and expert media counsel to proactively build your personal and business PR brand from resilience and risk management perspectives.
  • Designing and monitoring of corporate foreign policy strategies, including geopolitical risk analysis at national and regional levels, monitoring of international scenarios and trends, as well as crisis and conflict assessment, prevention, and management.


With our roots in Amsterdam & Partners LLP’s law practice, we are emerging market experts with over 37 years of experience and local knowledge working in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. We have an established track record managing, protecting, and restoring client reputations. Our team has unique expertise in crisis management, government and media relations, international financial institutions, and big data analytics enterprise platforms. Team members are fluent in many languages including Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. As a one-stop shop for integrated risk management, we help clients understand who has the authority to make decisions, who has the power to implement them, and who might exert influence over the decision-making process. In frontier markets (including Thailand, Nigeria, Zambia, Guatemala, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela), we are with you every step of the way throughout the pre, mid, and post crisis cycle.