Jake Amsterdam


Jake Amsterdam is an Associate in the Washington D.C. office. Joining the firm in 2015, Jake specializes in United States public policy disputes, international human rights issues, and anti-corruption cases. Jake has been involved in the firm’s award-winning pro bono practice and has represented clients on issues of political persecution and freedom of speech.

Jake has notable experience in complex investigations, with a comprehensive approach from the initial discovery stage, through to data collection and finally a presentation of findings, often in the form of legal briefs and public-focused white papers on behalf of clients. Jake’s work often intersects with political advocacy, interacting with media outlets and providing clients with an approach to public relations strategically, as well as legal representation. Jake is also involved in the firm’s business development and strategy projects.

As part of his work representing the Republic of Turkey in an international fraud investigation, Jake co-authored the Amsterdam & Partners LLP publication “Empire of Deceit,” a comprehensive study of corruption in the charter sector of US public education. Jake is currently working on the second volume of the book series.

Jake earned his BA at Wilfrid Laurier University, and his law degree at Bond University, in Australia.