Jerry Skinner

Abogado de aviacion

Jerry Skinner is a litigator specializing in aviation law, with almost 40 years of experience in commercial and general aviation matters. He has acted for victims in numerous large cases, many of which have involved violations of human rights and international terrorism.

Mr. Skinner’s experience is global, including matters in the United States, Croatia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and numerous other countries. His cases typically involve complex issues, including negotiations with foreign states and hostile interests.

Representative cases have included:

  • Pan American flight 103, which was destroyed on December 21, 1988 by a bomb placed in the baggage over Lockerbie, Scotland. Mr. Skinner was a member of the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee that negotiated with the Khadaffi government and the Libyan state, resulting in a $2.7 billion dollar settlement.
  • Malaysian Airlines flight 17, which was shot down over Ukraine on July 14, 2014. Mr. Skinner is Lead Applicant’s Counsel in the European Court of Human Rights case of Sharlene Aylev and others v. The Russian Federation, which seeks compensation for the intentional killing of 298 passengers.
  • Egypt Air flight 990, which involved a deliberate suicide crash into the North Atlantic on October 31, 1999. In that matter, Mr. Skinner acted as the first and only U.S. plaintiffs’ lawyer to appear before the Egyptian Court of Cassations.
  • Mr. Skinner has acted the Legal Steering Committee of numerous other domestic and international air disaster cases, including TWA 800, Swiss Air 111, CT-43 in Dubrovnik, Croatia and NWA 255 in Detroit, Michigan.