Robert Amsterdam Comments to USA Today on Jeff Bezos Hack


Following revelations in the media that officials of the Saudi Arabian government had allegedly obtained unlawful access to hacked emails belonging to the billionaire Amazon chief executive and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos, questions have arisen regarding both the meaning of such a brazen move and the potential consequences.

Speaking with the USA Today, Amsterdam & Partners LLP founder Robert Amsterdam comments that there is additional layer of complexity in this case in that the White House itself appears more aligned to the perspective of the Saudi authorities:

Robert Amsterdam, an international lawyer who has represented heads of state, said President Trump’s criticism of the Washington Post adds extra significance to the allegations.

“Bezos has more power than many heads of state and his dispute with the president rises to real significance in terms of ensuring there’s proper institutional protections for those citizens who stand up to the power of a president who abjures rule of law,” Amsterdam said.

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