Rule of Law or Rule by Law?


What if prosecutors weren’t always right? What happens when a state applies pressure to the judiciary to target its opponents, or worse, when private actors are able to abuse the legal system?

This is the reality in many countries (in both developed and undeveloped states), where the possibility of arbitrary harassment by the authorities is a constant risk.

Many of these cases take shape in the form of criminal law, often based on shaky if not completely absent evidence.

According to the non-governmental organisation Fair Trials International (FTI), there are more than 15,000 open ‘Red Notices’ issued by Interpol, resulting in the arrest and deportation of about 7,500 people every year – sometimes based on politically motivated allegations. With no clear accountability measures for the lawful conduct of 190 member countries, in certain cases Interpol has unwittingly become “an aider and abettor of torturers and murderers in oppressive regimes.”

An increasing area of our international law practice relates to helping clients navigate complex transnational regulatory and enforcement issues posed by various forms of mutual assistance including Interpol, which in some cases are abused by opponents and competitors through the use of undue influence.

Our firm also features renowned criminal defence capability, featuring not only our partners but also strong relationships with world experts in international criminal defence, such as Geert-Jan Knoops, a Professor of International Criminal Law at the University of Utrecht who has appeared before special international war crimes tribunals addressing issues in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.

As a leading international law firm, we pride ourselves on our international connections. Much more than a loose network of professionals, our firm works closely with the most talented individuals in their field for each given market and discipline, providing an unparalleled local knowledge and expertise. This is why our track record is as it is: we understand exactly how a client’s case should be built because we have invested in fully understanding the context in which they operate.

We have established strategic alliances with firms and individuals all over the world, so that we can provide our clients with the required level of service, expertise, and experience without the limitations in personnel faced by big firms.