Public Notice of Manono Lithium Rights Ownership


The following public notice was distributed to relevant parties on October 4, 2022. A PDF of the notice is available for download here.


4 October 2022

This public notice is addressed to all parties who claim interests in Manono Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo including:

AVZ Minerals Limited

Level 2, 1 Walker Avenue West

Perth, WA 6005 Australia

Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.

Zijin Tower, Zijin Road

Shanghang, Longyan

Fujian Province, China 364200

Suzhou Tianhua Times New Energy Industry Investment Co Limited

Room 3201, Building 1, Constellation Business Plaza, No. 269, Wangdun Road,

Suzhou Industrial Park, Pilot Free Trade Zone, Suzhou,

Jiangsu province, China

Cominière, SA

Av colonel EBEYA, N°56

Building Bon Coin-Apartment N°8

Commune of Gombe Kinshasa/DRC

Dathomir International Corporation

Independence Avenue, PO Box 903

Victoria, Mahé

Republic of the Seychelles

Jin Cheng Mining Company Limited

For the attention of Huang Xiaohong

Vistra Corporate Services Centre

Wickhams Cay II

Road Town Tortola

VG 1110 Hong Kong

British Virgin Islands

Cong Mao Huai (Simon Cong)

Min Guo Wei (Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Ltd/Sino-DRC Sicomines JV)

Klaus Eckhof

Zoe Kabila

Guy Luando

And all other non-transparent intermediaries, are hereby notified:

This law firm acts for MMCS Strategic 1 (“MMCS”) with respect to the unlawful expropriation of license PE 12202 by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”). This license allows for the exploitation of a mineral deposit in the Manono and Kitotolo regions (the “Manono Project”).

Since this illegal raid was engaged against them in 2016, MMCS has continuously asserted its ownership over Manono through public statements, commercial arbitration, and through direct correspondence. Various groups have claimed ownership over Manono, attempting to benefit or assert control over it in that time. Take notice that until such time as our rights have been vindicated MMCS possesses true, full and proper title to the Manono.

MMCS therefore reserves all rights with respect to those who would wrongfully and surreptitiously assert or attempt to assert control and benefit from Manono. MMCS cautions all parties who may be interested in the Manono Project to conduct appropriate due diligence in respect of the claims that any parties other than MMCS are making regarding rights to the Manono Project. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Amsterdam

Founding Partner