South Africa

International law firms Brian Kahn Inc. and Amsterdam & Partners LLP formed a strategic alliance in 2013.

Together, Brian Kahn Inc. and Amsterdam & Partners LPP offer a unique combination of industry-focused expertise and strategic, multi-jurisdictional capability to international businesses facing high-stakes legal issues.

The alliance brings together two premier legal practices capable of taking on challenging and complex legal issues – integrating a proven track record of high-profile legal advocacy with expert knowledge, public affairs proficiency and risk management sophistication – to achieve tailored solutions for clients in bet-the-company scenarios as well as more traditional situations.

Brian Kahn Inc. has its principal office in Johannesburg, with associate offices in London, Paris, Sydney and New York. The firm is recognized as an international leader in commercial litigation, business transactions, labour and media law. Its founder, Brian Kahn, brings to the alliance more than 40 years of experience in these sectors.

“Concepts of legality and justice are often subject to cultural variation across international borders,” noted Brian Kahn. “We are conscious of the unique characteristics of each client, and we tailor our legal advice to meet their individual needs and objectives. Our alliance with Amsterdam & Partners LLP will reinforce and expand our ability to address the evolving international legal issues facing our clients.”

Amsterdam & Partners LLP is an international law firm with offices in London and Washington. The firm is recognized for its work in high-profile matters, including commercial and investment treaty arbitration, cross-border disputes, expropriation and state intervention, government relations and human rights issues. Its client base draws from a wide range of business sectors, including extractive industries, hospitality, real estate, investment banking, and politics.

“We see our alliance with Brian Kahn Inc. as an extraordinary opportunity to leverage our unique skill set into a broader range of economic sectors,” commented Robert Amsterdam, co-founder of Amsterdam & Partners LLP. “As a growing number of companies seek entry into emerging markets that present enhanced investment security risks, our experience in such regions as Latin America, Africa, Central Asia and the Far East is a key contribution. Our new relationship with one of Africa’s most innovative law firms will help us deliver during the critical decision-making process at the front end and, if necessary, when subsequent disputes arise.”