Arbitration & Litigation

Why do many of the world’s leading law firms enlist Amsterdam & Partners LLP in a support role? Because of our unparalleled regional and subject matter expertise

From Sub-Saharan Africa to Asia and Latin America, the arbitration and litigation practice at Amsterdam & Partners LLP has a distinguished reputation for achieving major arbitral awards. Because of our existing relationships with local counsel and experts, and because of our reputation as a trusted partner which can act without restraints in their client’s interests, we have delivered optimal outcomes for dozens of firms.

Through deep knowledge of bilateral investment treaties (BITs), international arbitral institutions and tribunals, as well as cross-border settlement negotiations, the legal team at Amsterdam & Partners LLP brings a strategic approach to any arbitration. Experience has taught us that arbitration represents just one option in a company’s overall legal and business strategy, and that it must fit into our clients’ broader business objectives.

Our team also has more than 40 years of experience advising on questions of enforcement, procedure, and case law across the dozens of jurisdictions where our clients operate. Our international network and history of working on the ground in emerging markets is unparalleled, and the relationships our practice has developed offer our clients powerful opportunities to achieve their objectives promptly and efficiently.